The Interiors Addict Jen Bishop selects our Reversible Foxey blanket as one of her favorites!

Jen’s 10 best baby blankets

Aha! I do believe when it comes to blankets, I have found something which fits (perhaps loosely) into the category of homewares, therefore I can blog about baby stuff sans guilt. Am I right?!

This baby of mine has more blankets than you can shake a stick at but they’re actually all getting used in rotation because let’s face it, in this weather, you can never be warm enough. It’s actually pretty hard keeping a baby warm in this weather. Our power bill is going to give me a heart attack this quarter, I just know it! So here are 10 of my favourite baby blankets; many of them Australian, half of which we already own and the other half Seb wouldn’t mind adding to his rather impressive collection.


1. Mooi Baby Reversible Foxey Star Blanket $159.95*


This is our latest acquisition and current fave in the blanket department. Made of baby alpaca and pima cotton, this is double-sided and oversized so super warm. I may or may not have stolen it a few times for my lap on the couch. And we love everything foxy and/or navy in this house so this was always going to be a winner. You really have to see and feel this blanket — which comes in its own cloth bag — to appreciate its quality, which is extremely high. Rightly described as heirloom quality in my opinion, it would make a gorgeous gift for a new mum. They have other designs too.

seb stars mooi blanket


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